Evergreen International Law Firm based in Taipei was established over two decades ago.  We have carefully selected our experienced and yet zealous attorneys to be part of our legal team in order to provide the best quality of legal expertise in different areas of practice to our clients.

At Evergreen International Law Firm ,  we select attorneys known for their experience in law and enthusiasm in serving clients. Based in Taipei and established over two decades ago, Evergreen provides the best quality legal expertise across a range of diverse areas of practice.


The best quality of legal service to our clients is the goal that Evergreen has always been pursing. To achieve this goal, we have maintained a middle size firm since the founding and do not intend to expand to jeopardize the quality of our service to our clients.

Our goal is to provide the best legal service to our clients. In order to ensure that we can deliver service of  this quality, we have always maintained a midsize capacity and have never intended to expand.

The large firms usually divide one case into different parts and delegate each part to different associates in different tiers; therefore, it takes more time and costs to communicate among the associates in a firm to deal with one case. Moreover, sometimes the critical information is even misconveyed. However, in Evergreen, our clients can at all times contact directly with the senior attorney in charge who has monitored the process of the case and supervised the junior association handling the case. Thus, through our fully communication with our clients, we are able to work exceptionally effectively to meet our clients' satisfaction.

Large firms divide a single case into parts that are delegated to associates working in different tiers of the firm. Communication among the different associates working on a single case costs money and time, and during the process, critical information can be misconveyed. However, at Evergreen, our clients can at all times directly contact the senior attorney supervising every aspect of their case. By providing full communication access, we meet our clients needs for exceptional effectiveness.


Evergreen, although based in Taipei, has litigation attorneys who register and practice in the jurisdictions of Taipei, New Taipei, Shilin, Jilong,Yi-Lan, Taoyuan, Xinzhu, Taizhong and Kaohsiung. In addition, our attorneys are able to register instantaneously in any other jurisdictions in Taiwan to appear and represent our clients in the courts.

In fact, the diligence and competence of our experienced litigation attorneys in managing civil and criminal litigations are the traits that we are proud of most.

We believe that we can provide all of our clients the most comprehensive and thorough legal service. We hope we can reach this goal in the offing by affording you the best legal service as we have been doing for the past decades.

With our central office in Taipei, Evergreen has litigation attorneys registered and practicing in the jurisdictions of Taipei, New Taipei, Shilin, Keelung, Yilan, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. In addition, our attorneys can register whenever needed in any other jurisdiction in Taiwan to represent a client in court.

In fact, our firm takes great pride in our attorneys' diligence and  competence in managing civil and criminal litigations. At Evergreen, we believe that we can provide every client with comprehensive and thorough legal service. As your law firm, we will provide you with the best legal service, just as we have been doing for all of our clients for over two decades.


Family Law:


 ●Child Support & Custody


Estate Planning:

 ●Estate & Trust

 ●Inheritance Law

 ●Personal Property


Antitrust and Trade Regulation:

 ●Competition Law

 ●Trade Secrets

 ●Unfair Competition

Real Estate:

 ●Property Law

 ●Property Management

 ●Land Use & Zoning

 ●Landlord & Tenant Law


Trademark & Patent

 ●Trademark Application

 ●Design Patent Application


Labour Rights

 ●Labour Law

 ●Employment Contracts

 ●Labour Insurance Disputes

 ●Workplace Injuries


 ●Alternative Dispute Resolution

 ●Appellate practice



 ●Business Litigation

Personal Injury:

 ●Constructive Accidents

 ●Defamation, Libel & Slander

 ●Defective Products

 ●Industrial Injuries

 ●Product Liability


General practice:

 ●Civil and Criminal Matters and Litigations

Commercial Contracts and Negotiation
Consumer Protection
General corporate matters

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Address: 7F-1, No.7, Section 1, Roosevelt Rd, Jhongjheng District, Taipei City, 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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